01/7​6 interesting Halloween party idea for kids

Halloween is one festival all kids look forward to celebrating. Dress up, trick or treating or indulging in spooky activities, it’s a fun day for little ones.

If you are planning a Halloween party or a playdate for kids, here are some ideas.


02/7​The doughnut-eating race

Who doesn’t love doughnuts? If you never participated in a doughnut-eating race, do it with your kids this year.

All you need for this race are some

different flavoured doughnuts and some thread. Not just, kids, even adults can participate in this race.

Tie some doughnuts with the help of thread at the height level of kids and then all kids have to finish eating the doughnut without using their hands.

The race will make everyone laugh like crazy!


03/7​Blowing the balloons

All you need for this game is some balloons. Keep five balloons on the table and set the stopwatch for 1 minute. The person who blows the maximum number of balloons in the given time is the winner.

You can plan this game not just for Halloween but birthday parties as well.


04/7​Stomp the pumpkin

Stomping a pumpkin is again a fun and easy game to put together. But because stomping a pumpkin can be very difficult, you have to arrange for orange balloons. Blow some orange balloons and every participant gets one minute to stomp balloons. Whoever does the maximum number is the winner.


05/7​Mummy sack race

We all have participated in a sack race in our childhood. And we know how much fun it used to be. The mummy sack race is also like the usual sack race but with a small twist.

In mummy, each race, your participant’s legs have to be wrapped in toilet paper and then they race for the finishing line.

The first one to finish the race with no rips in the paper wins the race.


06/7​Ghost and pumpkin bowling

Kids love bowling. For this game, you don’t need an actual ball but just need to cut the stem of a pumpkin and the ball is ready.

You will have to sacrifice some toilet paper to convert into ghoulish bowling pins.


07/7​Wrap the mummy

Kids have to work together in a group of two, where they will have to cover a friend with toilet paper. The team that finished first, gets the treat.