01/6​Navratri 2020: Lose weight naturally while you fast this Navratri with these 5 easy tips

Navratri is considered to be one of the most important festivals in India. During this nine-day festival, many people fast for nine days to detox their bodies. But many a times people make the mistake of turning this fasting phase into a feasting one, which defeats the whole idea.

So, if you are planning to fast this Navratri to get maximum benefits, we have got you covered. Not just this, if followed properly, the nine-day fasting can help you lose those extra kilos and make you look fab for the upcoming festive season.

Fasting is considered a great way to lose weight. In fact, fasting is more natural than eating 4 meals a day.

Here are 5 diet tips for Navratri fasting that will help you shed those extra kilos:


02/6​Prepare a diet chart before hand

When you don’t plan your meals in advance, you eat anything that seems like an easy meal (chips, pakodas). It’s best to plan your meals in advance so that you don’t eat unhealthily. If planning for 9 days together seems tedious, you can plan one day in advance for the next day. Make sure to include vital nutrients like carbs, proteins, fats and fibre in your daily meals.


03/6​Have smaller meals

It’s always better to have 3-4 small meals rather than one big meal. This will help maintain the glucose level and make you feel energetic all day.


04/6Keep yourself hydrated

Staying hydrated is equally important as eating healthy. Not just plain water, you can also have coconut water, fresh fruit juice, lime water and vegetable juice to keep yourself hydrated. This will also help in the detoxification of the body.


05/6​Choose your snacks wisely

During fasting people eat unhealthy snacks like pooris, pakoras, chips and processed juice. Do not opt for such food as it completely goes against the idea of fasting. Instead, go for sabudana khichdi, bhel, makahans and chana.


06/6​Lower your intake of tea and coffee

Caffeine can make a person dehydrated. Too much coffee and tea should be avoided during fasting.