permanent eyelashes: A beginner’s guide for false lashes

The eyes are considered as one of the most beautiful features one can possess. With this new normal, wearing a mask has become a necessity. The eyes have become the focus. Everyone has started experimenting more with their eyes. Especially millennials. Right from investing in eye care products to eye exercise to wearing funky eye make-up and last but not the least enhancing their eye lashes.

Globally, eye lash enhancing services and products have taken up the market. Permanent eyelashes, eyelash extensions to eyelash tinting. With the younger generation it is more of a false lash. It is pocket friendly and fun to wear. False eyelashes amps the whole look.

There are several options available in the market. Different kinds of lashes like, handmade false eye lash, 3D false eye lash, 5D false eye lash, laux eye lash, magnetic eye lash, are trending a lot right now.

If you still fancy to glam up but mascara is not your thing, false eyelash can play a long way to oomph ones look. Be it for a virtual meeting or a plan to go out for a weekend. Adding false lashes can enhance the entire look.

“False lashes can help build volume and length. Adds frame to your face. It makes our eyes more attractive. Lash also helps in widening eye area, especially someone who has small eyes or scattered lashes. Eye lashes can accentuate natural lash and makes it look fuller and thicker. False eyelashes can also save lot of time, if you are used to wearing it on regular basis,” says Rukshmani Thakkar, Technical Head- Skin, Enrich

Rukshmani suggests beginners to research well before purchasing fake lashes. One needs to be aware about the kind of material that they are using around their eyes because there is a chance that it won’t suit you. “Before buying false lashes, you must be sure of the purpose of your use and the material it is made up of.

Fake lashes or false lashes are made up of synthetic or human hair. Every product has its own pros and cons. Earlier, we understood how adding eyelash can accentuate the look and make your existing natural lash thicker and longer. Wherein, there could be people who can have allergies and reactions. Especially for those, whose skin around the eye area is extremely sensitive. Do not share eyelash and glue with anyone, you may end up having an infection like conjunctivitis. These diseases are contagious and can be easily passed to any if the product is shared. I personally always suggest doing a patch test if it is your first time. You can try it on the wrist area. Keep it on for 15-20 mins. If there is any sign of rashes, swelling or itching. It means that product is not meant for you. There can be adverse effect of the same,” explains Rukshmani

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